One Week Tall Ship Adventures

Seeing land from sea and spending the night on the water changes teens' perspective. These trips provide an immersion into experiential education giving teens enhanced leadership skills and life-changing experiences. Learn More →

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Cruising the Maine Coast
for Teens

This new program offers teens a chance to sail on larger keel boats owned and operated by our friends at the Cruising Club of America (CCA).  Learn More →

Sea Scouts in
Southern Maine

Sea Scouts provides year-round sailing-related educational opportunities to put girls and boys on a path to becoming Quartermasters, the Sea Scouts' highest honor, akin to Eagle Scout.
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Dockside Education Programs

Designed for children from the fourth grade and up, Tall Ships Maine will often work with visiting vessels to provide educational programs to individuals, schools, camps, and organizations.  Learn More →



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Join the team that makes tall ship visits successful in Portland.   Find Out How →

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Draken Experience

Tall Ships Maine hosted the Draken Village pop-up in Portland during Expedition America: East Coast Tour 2018.  Find Out More


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